Connect With People,
Not Algorithms.

Affordable Infrastructure-as-a-Service for your Social Media project or community doesn't have to be complicated or cost a lot of money. Ask us about secure, reliable hosting for your Fediverse projects starting at about $16US/Month for a private server. We love Mastodon, Pleroma, Hubzilla, and many other Fediverse federated platforms. We also love WordPress, Nextcloud, Godot, OwnCast and many other FOSS projects. Join one of our circlez or start your own. We're here to help. How can we help you?

About us

Social Circlez is a tiny little corner of BlinkinBlox Labs

BlinkinBlox, Inc. provides affordable Infrastructure-as-a-Service in a secure Tier 3+

data center in the central United States.  Our engineering staff have well over a

century’s worth of combined industry experience from Fortune 100 companies to

government agencies, ISPs and many successful startups.  And we think we can save

you money while adding value to your virtual resources versus the other guys.


Chat us up on Discord or send us mail

when you’re ready to grow your online presence.